Korean Mail Order Brides Services: What are They?

Korean wives are cute, sexy, incredibly loyal, and excellent cooks. They’ve got strong family values, so they are much better as housekeepers and mothers than American girls. Furthermore, Korean brides are ready to start a family at a younger age. They don’t delay marriage until their thirties but look for husbands at 18-25 years old.

But where to find perfect Korean brides for marriage? The best solution is specialized platforms for this. Korean mail order brides services provide you all the needed features for a successful search.

korean mail order bride

What Services May you Expect from Korean Brides Sites?

These websites do everything possible to put together the hearts of Korean brides and American men. They provide the following services to help people find their future spouses from abroad.

Ensuring the quality of the Korean brides database

Mail order platforms invest much in advertising to attract more and more girls from Korea who want to find husbands from abroad. So, there is no lack of women on such websites.

Also, for such platforms, not only the number but the quality of accounts matters as well. There is a strict moderation of profiles. Only women of legal age are allowed to get registered. It is compulsory to add photos: both portrait and full pictures. The majority of fields with the essential information about a person are obligatory to be filled in. So, you can learn much about Korean brides just looking through their profiles. All accounts pass verification.

Advanced filters for the targeted search

Do you want to open hundreds of accounts and look through the information specified there for hours? Of course, not. It is much easier to apply the required parameters (like age, height, weight, life views, character traits, etc) at once and see only the profiles of girls who meet your taste. It is possible with the advanced searching filters provided by good mail-order sites! 

Convenient tools for keeping in touch with brides

It’s impossible to start and develop relationships without constant communication. To become closer to each other and get ready for marriage you should keep in touch with a chosen woman every day. Platforms for finding brides understand this and do their best to supply you with the most convenient means of communication.

There are text chats that are convenient for use at any place and situation. For example, if you are at work and can’t speak. There are voice messages for those who don’t like to type. And not all mail order services, but the best ones, supply the users with the opportunity to start video chats. This way of communication will help to take the contact between you and a bride to the next level.

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Professional help in getting a mail-order wife

On some good mail order wives platforms, professional matchmakers work to make you happy. Men can order their services like:

  • Helping to create a portrait of a suitable woman. The more certain the aim is, the easier it is to achieve it. So if you don’t fully know what you want professionals can take into account your personal traits and help you to understand which type of woman matches you better for serious long-term relationships.
  • Finding matches. If you don’t have time to look through the profiles specialists can do this instead of you. Just tell them the main requirements for a future wife, and professionals will pick up your matches and recommend them to you.
  • Expert advice. On some mail-order sites, there is not only technical support but also informational help in the form of useful tips on how to communicate with girls effectively and find a Korean wife faster.

Helpful customer care

Every trustworthy Korean brides service that cares about its reputation has a technical support team. Specialists are to help people deal with all the features of a website. If there is any question related to the functioning of the site users don’t have to spend hours trying to understand how something works. It’s enough to call or email support, and the detailed instructions will be given.

How Korean Mail Order Services Differ from other Korean Dating Sites?

Korean brides services are the best place to find a wife of this nationality. And here are the advantages that prove this.

They are created especially for finding wives

On many dating sites, more than half of women have other purposes: just chatting, friendship, light affairs, long-term relationships with no expectations, etc. And the true intentions can be revealed not at once. So a man who looks for a wife wastes too much time on inappropriate girls.

The specialized services for finding wives exclude such situations. There are only Korean brides looking for foreign husbands and no women with any other purposes.

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They provide you a better choice

Moderation of mail order wives platforms is stricter than usual dating sites usually have. For example, it is forbidden to have a profile with no photo or another person’s picture. It’s restricted to leave the “about me” fields empty. Also, all newly created accounts are verified. So, there are only real people of legal age, no fakes or bots.

Furthermore, there is no exaggerated number of accounts. It’s banned to register multiple times for the same person. All profiles that are not used for a while are deleted.

They care about you

Unlike usual dating sites, many mail order services can boast of professional matchmakers working for them. So, men receive qualified help while searching for a wife.

They have an English-language interface

Korea is not an English-speaking country. The official language is Korean. So, many dating websites for people from this country have only a Korean interface.

Mail order brides websites are oriented on the Western target audience. So they always have an English version of a site.

What Benefits Do I Get by Using Such a Service?

Are you still hesitating whether to get registered on a Korean brides platform? Here are some more advantages you will get by using such a service.

Unique opportunities

There is no other place created especially for finding a Korean wife. There are fewer chances of meeting your destiny even if you go to Korea to search for a bride.


You don’t even need to go out of your home to start changing your private life for the better. Just use any gadget convenient for you. Usually, good international marriage agencies adapt their websites for correct functioning on any device.

There are versions for PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones. It doesn’t matter what kind of gadgets you prefer. Searching for the brides and communicating with them will be convenient on any of them. 


It is easier to get acquainted in the place created especially for this. Those who think that going to Korea as a tourist is better for finding a wife from this country are radically mistaken. While trying to get acquainted with foreign girls in real life, they experience only rejections. Few girls are ready to speak with foreigners on the streets. Furthermore, a man doesn’t know whether a girl is still single or not.

And on the specialized platforms, all the women are ready for new acquaintances and are waiting for your message. So, it is much easier to build relationships with them.

Professional help

If you don’t know how to start and develop relationships with Korean women, it is not a problem! On good mail order wives resources, there are specialists that offer their professional help in overcoming a cultural barrier and reaching a happy marriage with a Korean bride.

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What to Consider When Choosing Korean Mail Order Brides Service

The chances of finding your destiny are lower if you choose a bad website for this. So, take into account the following criteria while selecting the service that can change your life forever.

Registration process

First of all, it should be understandable. If a registration process is too difficult, most likely, the access to all the other features won’t be user-friendly either.

For you not to have to try to register on several websites, we create reviews with detailed descriptions of the joining process. You will find them on our website.

User-friendliness of interface

This criterion can be evaluated after registering when a user gets access to all abilities of the site. But it is not compulsory to join dozens of platforms in order to choose the most convenient one. Just read our reviews and select the service our experts recommend.


Read feedback from real users to understand whether a service is worthy to use. The more reviews from men who have found wives on the site there are, the higher are the chances that you will meet your destiny there too.

Pay attention that comments should be various and written in different styles. If all reviews from users are of the same type and style there is a risk that they are fake. 


It should be specified on the website that it protects the personal data of registered people and doesn’t transfer private information to third parties. Only such sites are worthy to trust.

Quality and variety of catalog

This parameter can be evaluated only after some time spent on the website. Only then you will know whether there are many women and how many of them are good. If you don’t want to waste time exploring the catalogs of several platforms, just read the detailed reviews made by professionals in the dating industry.

A range of available features

There should be all the needed options for quick search and comfy keeping in touch with ladies. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to find a bride and get to a successful marriage with her.

A list of additional services

If you are a busy man and have little time for searching for a bride and trying to win her heart, put it into the hands of professionals. Choose the websites that offer the services of qualified matchmakers.


If a platform provides additional services you should know what you are paying for. The site is worthy to trust only if there is detailed information about the professionals working there and their experiences.

Customer care

It’s better not to register on websites that don’t have contact information. In such a case, you won’t be able to reach out to the administration in case of any difficulties or problems.


Are Korean Brides Real?

Yes, they are. All the profiles pass the verification process. Also, the services require adding photos and information about a person that is trying to join. It is prohibited to have two or more accounts for one person. So, there are no fakes, bots, multiple accounts created by one person, etc.

Are Korean Mail Order Brides Legal?

Yes, Korean mail order wives are legal. Online marriage agencies are not prohibited by any American or Korean laws. So, it is absolutely legal to use them both for you and the brides you can find there.

How can I Protect Myself from Scam?

Fraudsters or dishonest women can very skilfully disguise themselves. So, even the sites with perfect reputation can’t guarantee that a person registering there is fair. Administration verifies the profiles, but it can’t read thoughts. So, be careful and heed these safety recommendations:

  • Don’t tell women your personal information that can be valuable for frauds (bank account number, ID details, etc).
  • Don’t transfer big sums of money or send precious presents to girls you hardly know.

Administration of websites is not responsible for the registered womens’ actions, and nobody will be able to help a user who fell into the hands of frauds.

How much does it cost to find a Korean wife?

The total sum is difficult to predict, and you can regulate it by yourself. It consists of the prices of:

  • messages you send to girls;
  • video chats;
  • virtual or real gifts you give to ladies;
  • access to premium features if you need them;
  • additional services if you order them;
  • real dates when you decide that it’s time to meet your bride in person, etc.

Do mail-order bride services guarantee that I find a wife?

They do everything possible to help you with this. But relationships between a man and a woman are unpredictable as they depend on the decisions of both sides. Administration of Korean brides sites can’t influence the opinions and actions of women registered there. And they wouldn’t be able to help you in case of falling in unrequited love.

But we hope that this won’t happen to you! Good luck finding a Korean wife! Take your destiny into your own hands!